Sensor spots, 10 pcs


Sensor Spots
Sensor Spots


  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Easy to handle and robust
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive measurement from outside through the wall of the flask
  • Usable for process application
  • No self-consumption of oxygen
  • Signal independent on flow velocity
  • Insensible towards electrical interferences and magnetic fields
  • Measures oxygen in liquids as well as in gas phase
  • Excellent mechanical stability and long-term stability
  • Online monitoring


Sensor spots are thin planar oxygen mini sensors immobilized onto either polyester or glass supports, for use with our Witrox instrument (i.e., not compatible with microplate readers!).

The sensor spots are glued inside chambers, flasks or disposables with translucent and non-fluorescent walls (e.g. glass, polyester, acrylic etc.). Then oxygen measurements can be done in a non-invasive and non-destructive way from outside and through the wall of your vessel.

With silicone glue you can glue the sensor spots inside your own chambers, flasks, disposables, or we can do it for you.

To use the sensor spots a fiber optic instrument and an external fiber cable (light guide) is required. The tip of the fiber cable delivers (blue) light to the backside of the sensor spot though the wall (and transparent glue). The front side of the sensor spot is in contact with the media (liquid or gas), e.g. the light is not passing through the media.

There are two ways of fixing the (external) fiber cable over the centre of the (internal) sensor spot:

1) A bare tip fiber cable is fixed with a special chamber (holder), or run through a Radiometer/Cameron dummy electrode adapter for fiber optic oxygen sensing in Radiometer/Cameron electrode chambers, cuvettes etc.

2) A fiber cable with a threaded SMA connector at the tip is screwed onto a fitting sitting on a velcro band adapter for curved chamber walls or planar walls.


This is product data for the selected system:

Measurement range 0 - 475 % air saturation
Limit of detection +/- 0.15 % air saturation
Resolution +/- 0.475 % air saturation
Accuracy +/- 0.5 % air saturation
Response Time < 30 sec
Precision +/- 0.5 % air saturation


These products are included in the system:


These products are optional for the selected system:


Witrox 1 oxygen meter for mini sensors


Witrox 4 oxygen meter for mini sensors



Dow Corning Silicone Glue
Silicone glue for sensor spots

Fiber Cable Bare Tip
Fiber cable

(bare tip)

Fiber Cable SMA Tip
Fiber cable

(SMA tip)

Fiber Cable Velcro Fixture
Fiber cable fixture

(for curved walls)

Fiber Cable Glued Fixture For Planar Walls
Fiber cable fixture

(for planar walls)

Sensor Spot Integration
Integration of sensor spots (excl. spot)


These files can help you with the selected system: