Dipping probe oxygen mini sensor

(100mm length)

Dipping Probe
Dipping Probe


  • Easy to handle
  • Usable for process application
  • Limit of detection: 0.15 % air-saturation, 15 ppb dissolved oxygen
  • Measuring range: 0 - 100 % oxygen, 0 - 45 mg/L
  • Very robust sensor with excellent long-term stability
  • Sterilizable by H2O2, ethanol, gamma irradiation, EtO2
  • No self-consumption of oxygen
  • Signal independent on flow velocity
  • Insensible towards electrical interference and magnetic fields
  • Dry gases applicable
  • Robust sensor body


This dipping probe oxygen mini sensor, consists of a polymer optical fiber (POF) with a polished distal tip which is coated with a planar oxygen-sensitive foil. The end of the polymer optical fiber is covered with a high-grade steel tube, to protect both the sensor material and the POF. The cable has an outer diameter of 2.8 mm. The inner diameter of the POF is 2.0 mm. The steel tube has an outer diameter of 4 mm. Usually, the fiber is coated with an optical isolated sensor material in order to exclude ambient light from the fiber tip and to increase chemical resistance especially against oily samples as well as to reduce bio-fouling on the sensor membrane. This type of oxygen sensor has an excellent long-term stability.


This is product data for the selected system:

Measurement range 0 - 475 % air saturation
Limit of detection +/- 0.15 % air saturation
Resolution +/- 0.475 % air saturation
Accuracy +/- 0.5 % air saturation
Response Time < 30 sec
Precision +/- 0.5 % air saturation
Cable length 5 m
Sensor length 100 mm
Sensor diameter 4 mm (OD)


These products are included in the system:


These products are optional for the selected system:


Witrox 1 oxygen meter for mini sensors


Witrox 4 oxygen meter for mini sensors



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