WTW pH 3310 SET 2

WTW PH3310

This SET comes with a pH 3310 instrument, serial interface, mobile case, SenTix 41 pH probe, and three buffer solutions (pH 4, pH 7, and KaCl).


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WTW pH 3310 instrument


  • Absolute waterproof (IP 67)
  • Innovative sealed silicone keypad with mechanical feedback
  • High performance components of the latest generation
  • First waterproof mini-USB interface
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Firmware 3310 update via internet download
  • USB-interface allows external power supply (No charging!)
  • 1 to 5-point-calibration for pH and 16 different buffer sets


The pH 3310 is an excellent instrument for laboratory use and for all classical applications of mobile field measurements. It is designed for the collection of extended data series. A generous memory for 5000 GLP-compliant data together with a time-controlled data logger with adjustable intervals makes it unique for long term monitoring in field applications.

A special sleep mode saves power when performing long term monitoring in order to extend the operating life of the batteries. And if it should happen in spite of this that power will break down: When supplying the instrument with a new battery it will pick up the data collection again. After sampling the data can be transferred over the unique waterproof mini-USB interface to a PC or Laptop.

Typical Application: Professional mobile measurements everywhere where a demand for documentation and data transfer exists. Excellent double functionality of handheld and Data logger with extended memory in one instrument for example at pumping tests (ground water) in the field or temporarily monitoring of surface water etc.

The instrument comes in a protective hardcase including:

  • 50 mL technical buffer (pH 4.01)
  • 50 mL technical buffer (pH 7.00)
  • 50 mL electrolyte solution (3 mol/L KCl)
  • Filling beaker
  • Holder
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • USB cable
  • Quick guide


WTW SenTix 41 pH probe for freshwater (with included temperature sensor)


  • The new optimized membrane glass guarantees quick measurement even at low temperatures
  • The silver ion-free reference electrolyte prevents interference by precipitated silver (self-cleaning)
  • SenTix® PLUS electrodes with Gel electrolyte and a plastic body are robust and shockproof
  • The membrane glass is optimally safe-guarded by a protective shield
  • SenTix® H and HW electrodes: electrolyte flow speed can be adjusted for optimal use
  • The easy to use fill-hole cover prevents electrolyte from leaking out during storage
  • Waterproof DIN or BNC plugs, either as a plug head system or with fixed cables, are available
  • SenTix® PLUS electrodes with liquid electrolyte – the capillary effect of the platinum wire guarantees constant outflow and prevents contamination by precipitates or dirt even during changes in temperature; with new membrane glass for an even quicker response
  • Measures also the temperature


SenTix® 41 – proven and tested pH electrode system with build-in temperature probe from German WTW is easier to use and offers more quality and precision.


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