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BOBS™ instrument

35,000.00 (EUR)


  • Identify oxygen binding in hemoglobin or your pigments of interest!
  • P50 values and Hill coefficients compare to published values for mammalian/fish/invertebrate blood.
  • Collect full spectrum (UV-VIS) sample absorbance and get more information than with any other method.
  • Identify absorbance peaks that best define the oxygenation and deoxygenation events.
  • Isosbestic point for reference.
  • Patent # WO2015000453 A3 from The Alfred Wegener Institute. Licensed exclusively to Loligo® Systems.
  • Reference: Oellermann, Pörtner & Mark (2014). Simultaneous high-resolution pH and spectrophotometric recordings of oxygen binding in blood microvolumes. J. Exp. Biol. (DOI:10.1242/jeb.092726)


Use this patented BOBS™ instrument for determining P50 values and Hill coefficients for oxygen binding in hemoglobin and other pigments. Samples as small as 1.5 µL are placed in a modified diffusion chamber, in which pigment saturation is continuously monitored over a wide range of wavelengths (190-885 nm) resulting in highly reproducible oxygen binding curves. Digital Peltier temperature controllers and a gas humidification system allows for measurements over a wide range of sample temperatures from 10-45° C while avoiding sample desiccation. User-friendly Windows software for fully automated data collection and analysis minimizes time-consumption and enable the user to run multiple samples per hour.

GMS instrument

10,000.00 (EUR)

This GMS instrument comprises four mass flow controllers to deliver a highly accurate flow of O₂ (0.01 – 100 %), CO₂ (0.03 – 6 %) and N₂ gasses. An intuitive software interface allows for standard and custom protocols making automated operation easy and flexible. Exceptional precision in oxygen level is achieved by dedicating two mass flow controllers to regulating low and high oxygen flows, respectively. The GMS requires very little bench space in the lab due to the compact design. It includes dedicated software for Windows and is fully compatible with the Blood Oxygen Binding System (BOBS™).