CH10478 24-well glass microplate
Use this glass microtiter plate with 24 independent chambers fitted with oxygen sensor spots, together with a microplate reader for...
CH10512 Silicone membrane
This silicone pad (120 x 80 mm) is used as a compression gasket to seal our microplate respirometry chambers. It is made of non-toxic...
CH10513 Parafilm
This 100 mm wide parafilm fits over the re-usable silicone pad used for sealing microtether plate chambers, and thereby prevents...
CH10505 Water bath with lid
Use this flow through water bath for thermostatic control of matching microplates with temperature sensitive oxygen sensor spots for respiration measurements. The...
CH10508 Guide for microplate
This microplate guide fits snug over the microplate reader offering a quick and effortless way of holding the oxygen sensor spots centered over...
CH10514 Compression block
This heavy PVC block is used to apply adequate pressure on the soft silicone gasket creating a gas-tight sealing of the microplate...


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