LoliTrack v. 4

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LoliTrack is easy-to-use Windows software for behavior analysis of multiple or individual animals based on contrast, e.g. no markers are needed. Use any camera system to record digital video files (.avi) and your own PC for automated tracking and analysis of behavior.

Typical applications include behavioral phenotyping in Zebrafish (micro plates), rodent assays (maze, open field), schooling fish tracking, insect swarm tracking, and basic locomotory behavior tracking of anything from micro-organisms to large adult animals (home cages, aquariums etc)..

Free demo software allows you to test if the software will work for your application also. Or send us a short video clip for free advice.

To view video examples of typical applications click here.

Batch file analysis for multiple trials
Create video file with behavior data overlay
Define zones and Points of Interest (PoI)
Save all settings in files, e.g. zones, masks, POIs, thresholds etc.
Remove undesirable objects and areas with mask tool
Calibrate data in metres, cm or millimetres.
Time-stamped data saved in Excel compatible *.txt file
Raw data file with X,Y-positions only
Analysis data file with summary and calculated parameters

Calculated parameters:
– Active/Inactive time
– Velocity
– Acceleration
– Direction of movement
– Distance moved
– Direction of orientation
– Turning rate
– Time spend in zones
– Number of visits in zones
– Number of contacts to Points of Interest (PoI)

Tracking principle:
Operates on the principle of contrast (color or b/w), i.e. the object(s) to be tracked is placed against a contrasting background and the software assigns a x, y coordinate pair to the centroid of each object.

Input video file format: .AVI
OS: WIN8/WIN7/Vista/XP
PC: min. 4GB RAM and 2-core 2 GHz CPU.

The software performance will depend on video frame rate, image resolution, file length and format. Thus, the minimum PC requirements listed here might not deliver a satisfying performance if working with hi-speed video (>>25 fps), hi-resolution images (>>1.3 MPixel) or very large files (>1 GB).

Software installation USB key
USB dongle (one license for a limited number of PCs only)
NI vision runtime license
User manual

LoliTrack diagram
LoliTrack diagram
15 schooling fish tracked in LoliTrack
Rodent in novel object test (red zone)
Zebrafish in micro plates
LoliTrack settings
Data sheet


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