Are you our new product specialist?

Are you our new product specialist?

We are now offering a permanent position as Product Specialist to the right candidate with a relevant background and motivation. 

You will be networking with leading scientists using animal model systems like Danio rerio and other aquatic organisms, and will be responsible for helping them understand our products, uncovering their requirements and matching our technologies for specific applications.

You will be a key person in the company  referring directly to the founder/owner, and the primary contact for both existing and new customers.

With the right professionalism and drive for the research areas, you have the opportunity, over time, to shape this position in a direction that suits your personal interests and skills.

You are expected to keep updated with the industry and research, and to create new contacts and maintain existing ones - offering users of our products the best possible service and support.

Main tasks:

• Schedule and perform product showcasing and demonstrations

• Follow-up on offers and contacts primarily via e-mail

• Hold workshops / courses

• Scientific and technical support, primarily via email and telephone

• Writing texts for product descriptions, website, brochures, advertisements etc.

The Company JKS CAREER is responsible for the recruitment process, and are you interested in seeking this exciting position, please send an application, CV and relevant attachments per email to Henriette Norgaard (; phone +45 30851309) or see the full job advertisement (in Danish) by clicking this LINK.


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